With todays advanced technology and industry advantages, driving a truck professionally is a great career choice for many. In today’s world truck driving has been made more enjoyable with the ability to listen to your favorite podcast or music and have the GPS displayed in your vehicle. There are many things’ drivers can do to stay entertained on the job.  On average, a truck typically moves 72% of freight in the United States. There is a 24% increase in freight this year alone! Trucking freight continues to grow as more freight is booked, picked up and delivered.

One: Digital Documents

Most everyone is not a fan of paperwork so having the ability to complete digital documents keeps the paperwork organized and can be completed as simple as the click of a button. Paperwork is not something truckers want to be regularly completing so the fact that it is all digital makes it much easier to submit documents such as proof of delivery (POD), bill of landing (BOL) and saves the hustle of locating a pen and a solid surface to complete the documents. This allows for minimal errors and shippers and brokers to exchange the desired paperwork faster and more efficient.

Two: Logging Devices Electronically

An electronic logging device is a requirement that all professional truck drivers must use to record their miles, hours and cargo picked-up and delivered. These documents were previously completed with a pen and paper and can now allow drivers the ability to best maintain their schedules, drives and avoid deadhead. Logging these devices electronically allows for drivers to be able to share their locations and availability so that they can pick up additional hauls if needed. Having this consistent visibility allows for drivers, shippers and dispatchers to be prepared for pick-up and delivery and to work with the driver if any issues arise.

Three: Apps

Since smart phones are owned by the majority of the population, and drivers many apps have been developed that allow professional truck drivers to organize their documents, keep track of hours on the road as well as look at load boards.

Four: Dispatcher Relationships

The longer the driver works with a dispatch service, the stronger the relationship is. Dispatchers are able to select routes for their drivers based on preference of distance, lanes, and the haul. This allows for drivers to contact their dispatcher when their ready to drive and for the dispatcher to provide them with available runs based on that driver’s preference. Factors such as miles, days of the week, available hours as well as rates that cater to that specific driver based on the information discovered from the dispatcher.

Five: Good Money and Get Started Quickly

There is always a high demand for professional truck drivers as there is always freight that needs to be transported quickly. Driving professional requires quick training and is a career that someone can pick up at really any age in their life. With today’s industry the majority of truck drivers and bringing home a six-figure salary as there is always a high demand for drivers and opportunities for salary increases based on factors such as miles driven annually as well as maintaining a clean driving record. This creates an opportunity for someone with a clean driving record to get started in this fast-paced industry and start making great money quickly without spending years training to be able to bring home six figures for their families. To begin this career the only requirement is obtaining a CDL, (commercial drivers license) and can be approved anywhere from three weeks to six months.

Six: Work for Yourself

Drivers can partner with a logistics service or purchase their own equipment and be their own boss as an owner-operator.  Owner-operators choose to occupy their truck with their selected freight. They are not obligated to work on someone else’s schedule to move freight for them but they can select which days they are willing to drive and experience the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

Seven: Bring a Companion          

Many drivers tend to complete long trips with the company of a loved one or an animal. Having a partner throughout the long drive provides many benefits including travel opportunities, bonding time and someone to keep the driver awake and alert.

Truck driving professionally as become more simpler over the years as documents can be submitted electronically and loads constantly available for drivers ready to drive. Maintaining the relationships with dispatchers can ensure that your preferred destination and miles are respected while also ensuring to set your own schedule and hours. It is a fairly quick process to get started once you are ready to proceed and the money can be within the six-figure salary.