Truck driving is a diverse career path providing drivers the opportunity to travel and make good pay. While driving a truck is a good career opportunity for many, it does require a lot of time on the road. While the long drive can be lonely and tiresome, we have created a list of necessary items truck drivers swear by We have provided a list of essentials that drivers swear by to ensure that all current and prospective drivers know exactly what to bring on that long drive. It is smart to keep these items at an easy to reach location in the truck.

#1) Emergency Kit: A well-stocked emergency kit is an essential for every truck driver. An emergency kit should include things such as a phone charger, bottled water, some snacks such as non-perishables, road cones and flares as well as jumper cables, duct tape as well as batteries, a knife a flashlight and a blanket. Having easy access to these items can be critical in the event of an emergency.

#2) Bathroom Supplies: While rest areas and truck stops have bathrooms, often times you may be stuck on a long highway route with no rest area for miles. It is always safe to be prepared in the event that there are no bathrooms readily available. Having a portable toilet to keep in you’re truck along with toilet paper is a necessity.

#3) Shower Flip Flops: A lot of drivers tend to shower at local truck stops and showering at truck stops can open the opportunity for potential infections in their feet. Since driving requires a lot of foot work it is important to avoid such diseases that may be contracted from showering at a truck stop without shower flip flops or gear on, your foot.

#4) Non-perishable foods: It is always smart to have a pack of things ready to use at all times in the truck when you are on a long haul carrying a shipment across state or country. Some of the best non perishable foods are dried fruits and vegetables, dried and canned beans along with grains and jerky, granola bars and cans of soup. Having a little bag dedicated to a selection of no-perishable foods can ensure that you are always well fed and that in the case of an emergency you still have access to food.

#5) Portable cooking appliances: Investing in portable cooking appliances can allow for a healthier diet as it is often difficult to obtain as a lot of the convenient meals for truck drivers consist of fast food, restaurants and gas station snacks. Items such as an electric skillet, slow cooker or electric hot cast iron or tabletop griddle can allow for some hot home cooked meals without the luxury of being at home.

#6) First aid kit: A first aid kit is really something everyone should have access to in their vehicle at all times. However, being a driver, it is important to have to be prepared for any situation. Being on the road for long days and hours can result in injury weather it be from cooking, changing a tire or just something as simple as a splinter. Having easy access to items such as band aids, gauze, tape and antiseptic can be incredibly helpful.

#7) Credentials: It is critical to always bring because drivers need to have easy access to CPL, license, registration, insurance and current load paperwork.

#8) Entertainment: Trucking is good money but it can be very lonesome, so to help keep drivers entertained items such as a portable DVD player, a tablet, music player or a kindle can help provide new entertainment to make drivers feel less alone. Make sure to make a 150 W power inverter to make sure all electronic devices can charge.

#9) Comfort: Bringing items such as an indoor sleeping bag and pillow and blanket can provide comfort while sleeping in the truck to avoid deadhead. Also bringing things such as a cooler to help keep water cold can provide for a cozier experience.

#10) Navigation systems: While most smart phones have access to a GPS navigation system it is still beneficial to bring a map or atlas in case the cell phone dies.

#11) Cleaning Supplies: Driving around with a constantly full truckload can make the inside of the truck incredibly dirty. A cleaning solution is always a necessity as well as a portable vacuum or dust pan and laundry bag to help separate dirty clothes from clean clothes

#12) Weather for all clothes: Since drivers are driving all over the country, they need to be prepared for all kinds of weather so items such as waterproof boots, thick socks, a neon-colored jacket, rain jacket and knee pads should be staples in every trucker’s bag.